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Sunday, 30 September 2018

10 Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10 / 8.1/ 7

1.How to Zoom in and Zoom out Instantly on Windows: 
To zoom in and zoom out on any page of your windows, try the following shortcuts :
Press 'Windows' + '+' (Plus) for Zoom In
Press 'Windows' + '-' (Minus) for Zoom out ...

2. How to Minimize all Open Windows at Once:  
To minimize all your open windows at once follow the shortcuts below
Press 'Windows' + 'M' to minimize all windows
Press 'Windows' + 'Shift' + 'M' to Restore all windows

3. How to Open Task bar Pinned Apps Instantly:
 You can open your pinned apps without using the mouse. Follow the steps -
First you have to check the serial number of the apps pinned on the task bar.
For example there are 8 pinned apps on your task bar and you want to open the 5th app. Then Press 'Windows' + '5' .
You can change the app Serial number to open other apps.
Press 'Windows' + 'Pinned App Number'.

4. How to Open a Recently Closed Tab:  
If you closed a tab accidentally, you can reopen it using the following shortcut -
Press 'Ctrl' + 'Shift' + 'T' to reopen the closed tab.

5. How to Select without Mouse: 
You can select without your mouse using the following keyboard shortcuts.
Press 'Shift' + 'Arrow Keys' Depending upon the direction of selection.

6. How to Lock your PC or Laptop Instantly: 
If you want to lock your laptop instantly at any moment, then follow the steps -
Press 'Windows' + 'L' to lock instantly.

7. How to Close any App without Mouse : 
 You can close any app without using mouse.
Press 'Alt' + 'F4' to close any window.
You can also Shut Down or Restart your system using this Shortcut.

8. How to open your File Explorer Very Fast: 
Every time you don't need to go through My Computer or This PC to open your files. See the steps -
Press 'Windows' + 'E' your file explorer will be opened.

9. How to Show or Hide your Desktop: 
 Use the following shortcut to show desktop at any moment and come back again to your working windows.
Press 'Windows' + 'D'

10. How to Delete files Permanently From Windows: 
 If you delete your files using this shortcut, your files will not be shown on Recycle Bin.
Select the folder or file you want to delete.
Press 'Shift' + 'delete' and press 'Enter'. Your file will be deleted permanently.

Mujhe lagta hai Aap logon ke ye tips pasand aaye hone enjoy

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